Project-based learning

PBL is learning is driven by challenging, open-ended problems with no one “right” answer. Students work as self-directed, active investigators and problem-solvers in small collaborative groups. Teachers adopt the role as facilitators of learning, guiding the learning process and promoting an environment of inquiry.

Rather than having a teacher provide facts and then testing the students’ ability to recall these facts via memorization, PBL attempts to get students to apply knowledge to new situations. Students are asked to investigate and discover meaningful solutions. The students were recently lucky enough to spend the day simulating emergency scenarios with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

Working with 170+ employer partners allows us to draw on their influence and experience, to organise real-life opportunities which gives students a real insight into their chosen industry, and transferable skills.

PBL has been a huge success at Vision Studio School and we have so far collaborated with the following partners, The British Red Cross, The Guide Dogs Association, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Derby adding to our impressive Employer Partnership portfolio.