Parents and carers

The school has a growing reputation in the area for the providing a new way of learning, and a real alternative to school or sixth form, to students in Mansfield and the surrounding area.

The vocational aspect of learning, our close relationship with local employers, and opportunities for learners to gain key employability skills are all attractive qualities to parents looking to give their child the best steps towards employment or Higher Education.

In 2016, all students studying at the school achieved five or more GCSE subject passes, with many graduating students continuing on to further study, or in to an apprenticeship in health and care or engineering, respectively.

Don’t just take our word for it…

In a recent questionnaire, 94% of parents told us:

  • The school brings a mature, workplace approach to learning.
  • My child is proud to say they attend Vision Studio School.
  • I made the right decision in moving my child to Vision Studio School.
  • My child is well-taught at the school.
  • The school offers valuable work-based and social action project experience.
  • The school is well-led and managed.
  • The school responds well to any concerns I raise.
  • I would recommend the school to another parent.

What parents say…

“I think the school has totally turned my daughter’s life around…we could not be happier.”
A Taylor

“Since starting Vision Studio School my daughter has become a more confident, enthusiastic and engaging individual. I’ve seen what a positive and encouraging role the school has on my daughter in all aspects of learning.”
Clare Bryan

“I am just glad there is a unique way of learning now available to those who thrive best in this kind of environment.”
Lisa Hart