Vision Studio School actively encourages the use of the internet as part of the learning process. In order to ensure everyone benefits from this useful learning tool, we have rules and guidelines in place which we ask you and your child to adhere to in order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment in and out of the classroom.

Parents, carers and students are expected to:

  • Support the school in promoting e-safety and endorse the Acceptable ICT Usage policy which includes the students’ use of the internet and the school’s use of photographic and video images.
  • Consult with the school if they have any concerns about their child’s use of technology.
  • Read, understand, sign and adhere to the Student Acceptable Use Policy;
  • Understand the importance of reporting abuse, misuse or access to inappropriate materials; Know and understand school policy on the use of mobile phones, digital cameras and hand held devices.
  • To know and understand school policy on the taking/use of images and on cyber-bullying.
  • To take responsibility for learning about the benefits and risks of using the Internet and other technologies safely both in school and at home.
  • Vision Studio School’s IT network is filtered and monitored and any violations are challenged.

If you have any concerns about E-safety please contact the school on 01623 413622.

More information can also be found at and parentinfo.org.  The latest issue of Digital Parenting is available to read here: digital-parenting-issue-5-online-edition